(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") At once serene and deeply impactful, this is a surprising singular antique Malayer that exhibits a unique spacious quality that is seldom found in circa 1900 Persian rugs and harkens to a much earlier aesthetic. Three diamond-shaped medallions contain part of a magnified improvised traditional 'Herati' structure; each is dramatically contrasted with the surrounding reserve while the double serrated edges provide additional vitality. The overall juxtaposition of scale between the field and surrounding border suite is both daring and entirely successful and pleasing to the eye. The field's gentle abrash (intentional color shading) imparts further movement and depth to its avant-garde pattern language. Its weaver employed an utterly harmonious color palette of deep indigo, cinnabar, burnished gold, walnut, light turquoise, and soft rose to achieve an alchemy of illumined tones.