(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Unusually wide runners, known as keleges, were sometimes woven by nomadic high-mountain peoples as meal cloths to lay out on the floor of their yurts. This striking, incredibly unique tribal rug mesmerizes the eye with countless color-laden rows of paisley-like botehs or Seed of Life" motifs, symbolizing the regeneration of life. Here, spirited boteh fill every inch of the festive field. The intentionally irregular alignment of the rows, along with a surprising asymmetrically placed center motif, adds tremendously to the folkloric charm of this piece and expresses the joie de vivre that the nomads of the rugged Caucasus Mountains enjoyed in their autonomous lifestyle that was unchanged since Biblical times. Incredibly silky wool from their own karakul sheep and heavy pile condition add to the appeal of this seldom-found, authentic tribal gem.

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